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Miawayuu is a Colombian handcraft Company, our biggest with social approach, our greatest assetis the human resource, mostly single mothers, especially from the Wayuu community located in the north end of the Guajira in Colombia. These community produce a variety of products totally handmade.

We are a company dedicated to design, production and marketing of high quality handicrafts that reflects the cultural wealth of the Colombian Caribbean region, and the talent of the Wayúu community, generating progress and development to his people and creating opportunities of employment.

The Wayúu is an indigenous community who occupy the north of the Guajira peninsula, the most northeast of Colombia, conterminous with Venezuela. This community has a matriarchal structure and jealousy preserving their cultural traditions which includes the weaving, passed from generation to generation according to the spider myth also known as Wale’ Kerü.

Bags are the maximal expression of Wayúu weaving. Easily recognizable by their colors and desings. This bags are crochet woven (this technique was introduced by catholic missionaries at early twentieth century) or with knit and the elaboration of one of bag can take about 20 days.

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